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We are launching a website called and it is for people trying to sell leftover items from either a flea market, a garage sale, or a tag sale. The items can be leftover or advertised before the sale occurs. The website is in the "creating" stages at this point, but should be advertised in the near future ( definetly before the holidays). I know, or at least saw signs, that you had a garage sale last week. I am looking for items to fill the pages of the website for the initial launch. If you would like to post any leftover items at no cost, please call me at 1-917-621-6519 or try to submit them via e-mail through the site. The best case would be both so the site would have the item information and I would know to look for it. I am familiar with the area and dropping this flyer off because I saw your sign somewhere around the neighborhood. Thanks for your time and please don't hesitate to call. Thanks Jerry