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24-Hour Flea Market in New York, New York

Westchester Flea Market, in New York, New York, enhances your flea market experience by keeping your booth open 24 hours a day.To maximize your customer base, we give you an opportunity to post your merchandise on our website.

The Way it Works
Open To Everyone
Anyone from birdhouse builders and furniture craftsman, to hat collectors and toy merchants, to recovering hoarders and single item sales is welcome to submit their product information to our site. Your items can either be displayed by category ( for example, sweatshirts would be posted under clothing) or be grouped together under your specific title ( for example, 'John Smith's stuff'), or both. In the first case under general descriptions, your contact information would be listed next to your items to distinguish you from other listings in the category. In the second case, your contact information would be provided once next to the title of your grouped items and the items would be listed below the title.
Also, if you do have a specific stand at a flea market or an address for a garage sale or a particular sale of an item, we can list where and when people can visit your stand or sale or come by to see the item you have for sale.

Online Flea Market
When you submit your items to our  online flea market, you are keeping your virtual stand open 24 hours a day. Send us a description, image, requested price, and the contact information you would like to be reached at, and let us advertise your item on our marketplace pages for customers to view on our site.

No Extra Charges
Through our services, you do not have to worry about any commission charges. To post your merchandise, we only charge a flat fee as well as offer discounts for multiple items.

Westchester Flea Market provides an excellent forum for established and soon to be established companies and vendors to post advertisements which can be viewed by anyone visiting the site.

Flea Market Sponsors or Managers
What better place to post where and when your flea market will be taking place. You can provide detailed directions to the market locations as well as contact information for vendors looking for table space.

Contact us in New York, New York, to request more information on our flea market and set up your own booth today.